Custom-Made Fabricated Tanks (made to order)

Our custom-made tanks are fabricated from 6, 10 and 12mm thick food grade polypropylene. We choose polypropylene (PP) because it is very strong, highly impact resistant, food grade, corrosion free, light weight and has good working characteristics. Generally fabricated tanks will have baffles at about 400-500 mm centres. Fabricated tanks can be as small as 25 litres up to over 1,000 litres to most shapes and sizes. For a cost on a fabricated tank just give us the length, width and depth of your required size and we will quickly be able to give you a firm quote.

Standard Tanks (moulded)

Our standard range of tanks are rotationally moulded. Rotational moulding produces an incredibly strong and durable tank which has no seams or joins, the tanks are one piece. Standard tanks are made from food grade polyethylene (PE) and will not make water taste or smell of contaminants.

Although standard tanks are only available in a range of specific sizes you can still have your inlets, outlets and breather where you need them, just specify your locations when ordering.

O.E.M. Production Tanks

Where you have a need for a specific size or shape of tank which you use regularly (about 5 per year) we offer our O.E.M. service of custom-made moulded tanks. Custom-made moulded tanks represent outstanding value and convenience.