Why Atlas Tanks?

Our tanks have been manufactured for and fitted to just about every type of Recreational Vehicle from small camper trailers to luxury motor homes to sailing boats, houseboats, and world cruisers.

How do we compare on price? “Generally” speaking our fabricated tanks are about 2/3 to 3/4 of the cost of stainless steel and our standard tanks are about 1/2 the cost.

All tanks come standard with an inlet, outlet and breather port threaded. Generally, turnaround time is 10-15 working days from receipt of firm order.

Super Strong

Atlas Tanks use a unique construction method to ensure the highest possible tank strength. The method includes a wrap/fold and double weld, the result is a tough durable tank.

Corrosion Free

Our tanks are made of Polyethylene which is corrosion and oxidisation free. This is particularly important in marine applications and under-vehicle uses where the tank may be exposed to corrosive conditions.

Custom Made

Each and every Atlas Tank is made to order. There is simply no better way to achieve maximum capacity for minimum space loss. Of course having your tank custom made means they will fit!

Custom Fittings

There are no compromises with our tanks, you can have any fitting anywhere you’d like. This is also a huge benefit when matching existing or adding additional storage capacity.

Food Grade Plastic

No smelly water, no discolouration of water and no rust or metallic pieces in your drinking water. Atlas Tanks are made of Food Grade Plastic so your drinking water will taste as it should.

Pressure Tested

Each and every Atlas Tank is pressure tested to 2 metres of head. Testing by this method assures the tank can withstand a much greater pressure than it will experience in normal service conditions.

Light Weight

Plastics are lighter than most metals, and a tank made from plastic will usually be about half the weight of a metal tank. This is of benefit for fuel economy and increasing your payload.


All Atlas Tanks come with a 5 year warranty against materials and manufacturing. Peace of mind from a quality product.