Atlas Tanks makes it easy to get just what you need in a tank. Fittings can be made to your specifications and located wherever they are needed.

Thread Inlets & Outlets

Threaded inlets and outlets are tapped straight into thickened wall sections of tanks, allowing service points to be located where needed.

Inspection Ports

Inspection ports if needed can be easily fitted allowing access for servicing.

Jabsco Water Pump 

12 volt, high capacity diaphragm pump, water resistant motor with thermal overload protection. Capacity of 16.3 litres per minute at open flow.

Waste Discharge

Tank top waste discharge points can be fitted to our holding tanks, this solves the need to locate outlet points on the bottom of the tank.

Jabsco Macerator Pump

12 volt, run-dry protection device, heavy duty corrosion resistant triple sealed motor. Flow rate of 45 litres per minute.

Hose Tails

Hose tails are threaded directly into thickened tank sections. We can fit all standard sizes, just specify when ordering.

Sensors & Gauges

Sensors for detecting the level of fluid in tanks are easily fitted, just specify when ordering.