Standard Tanks

Our moulded tanks are manufactured from food grade polyethylene. Polyethylene is very strong, highly impact resistant and will not rust or corrode. Moulded tanks are ideal for fresh, grey and black water applications. Tanks can be orientated in any direction and inlets, outlets and breathers can be located at any position on the tank.


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Standard Size Tank Plans

Mercedes Sprinter & Volkswagen LT Tanks

Atlas Tanks offers a set of standard tanks to suit the Mercedes Benz Sprinter and Volkswagen LT long wheel base vehicles. The pre-2007 model consists of a set of four tanks, the post-2007 models have a set of two tanks and the medium wheel base tanks are also a set of two tanks.

We mould these tanks blank and then put the inlets, outlets and breathers where you specify. It is important that you measure up the space under your vehicle to ensure your plumbing requirements are correct.

Please note that these tanks are not suitable for the Super Single or Dual Wheel models.

Sprinter Tanks pre-07 Model

Sprinter Tanks 2007 Onwards Model

Mercedes Sprinter Medium Wheel Base

How To Install Motorhome Tanks

Standard Sizes

Longest Mid Shortest Capacity
1950mm 345mm 160mm 90 litre
1500mm 900mm 300mm 380 litre
1400mm 650mm 750mm 600 litre
1400mm* 700>640>350 335mm 250 litre
1350mm* 450mm 270>385mm 180 litre
1300mm* 630>810mm 335mm 300 litre
1280mm 560mm 170mm 110 litre
1200mm 345mm 150mm 55 litre
1200mm 345mm 200mm 80 litre
1200mm 750mm 200mm 165 litre
1200mm* 470>540mm 390mm 225 litre
1200mm 200mm 200mm 45 litre
1215mm 480mm 190mm 100 litre
1200mm 400mm 400mm 180 litre
1200mm 380mm 290mm 120 litre
1100mm 600mm 230mm 140 litre
1070mm* 490>370mm 300mm 110 litre
1000mm 500mm 400mm 185 litre
1000mm 270mm 150mm 35 litre
950mm 650mm 260mm 150 litre
900mm 530mm 320mm 145 litre
900mm* 500>700mm 500mm 235 litre
900mm 450mm 250mm 95 litre
900mm 390mm 300mm 95 litre
850mm 650mm 550mm 285 litre
850mm 520mm 450mm 185 litre
845mm* 475mm 185mm 60 litre
800mm 450mm 350mm 120 litre
800mm 280mm 230mm 45 litre
770>820mm* 200mm 330mm 45 litre
750mm 550mm 750mm 300 litre
720mm 430mm 250mm 70 litre
700mm* 490mm 290>370mm 100 litre
700mm 500mm 375mm 120 litre
700mm 400mm 300mm 80 litre
700mm 400mm 190mm 45 litre
650>850mm* 450mm 270mm 85 litre
650>700mm* 450mm 330mm 90 litre
650mm 430mm 250mm 65 litre
650mm 350mm 250mm 50 litre
600mm 580mm 280mm 90 litre
600mm 400mm 200mm 45 litre
560mm* 400mm 210>320mm 50 litre
550mm 470mm 440mm 110 litre
550mm 470mm 300mm 75 litre
500mm 400mm 300mm 55 litre
500mm 400mm 280mm 50 litre
350mm 200mm 200mm 10 litre

* Denotes Tanks that are not rectangular